What we know

So, what do we know about Sage Windows and Doors?

They are run by a very charming man called John Lepp.  Some things are known about Mr Lepp prior to his foray into the world of windows...mostly not great.  Some of these details may be added at a later date, but for now let's concentrate on fenestration.

This website was constructed to highlight a pattern to Mr Lepp's business practices.  To summarise:

  1. He visits, is very charming, and gives a competitive quote
  2. He takes a 50% deposit for the work
  3. He gives a date for the work to be carried out
  4. The excuses start (usually a problem with the windows, followed by a bereavement or accident)
  5. He stops answering the phone
  6. He reports any negative feedback on review sites, with comments about how it is all lies, attempting to keep up a high score
  7. Rinse and repeat

The Company

On their website, Sage Windows and Doors Limited claim to have been in business for over 30 years.  The truth is, they have only been around (in this format) since January 2019, as shown on the Companies House Webchecker.

It would appeat that they have...errrmmm...appropriated their company history from the similarly named, but not at all linked. SAJE UPVC, who are a separate and highly regarded company


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Some Updates - 11th August 2019

FENSA Registration

Sage Windows and Doors Limited lost their FENSA registration on 27th July 2019.  They are still, however, using the logo on their website

John Lepp was contacted to ask why the logo remained on their website, and replied by threatening the editor of this site with Police action, as 'the net was closing' and he knew who I was.  If you are reading this John, I am still waiting to be contacted.  Could you ask them to get in touch ASAP, as I have things to do.  Thanks :-)

Where's Leppy?

John Lepp, and Sage, have left their 'trading address' (which, as we previously established, were some rented stables).  At present, the only address showing on their website is the Formations Company that assisted Lepp in setting up the company.  This is not a trading address.

So, where's Leppy?  Let us know if you spot him!

Interestingly. one of the 'forwarding adresses' for John Lepp was the trading address of a company that went bust, and a director jailed for fraud.  The director of this company was John Ditchfield Lepp (born October 1964), someone who our John Lepp (coincidentally born October 1964) claims wasn't him.  See In The Press for more of his past shenanigans

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