Review Sites

Review Sites

Review sites are a great way of customers showing their appreciation for your hard work and endeavours, and are increasingly used as a marketing tool to drive business your way.  What better way for people to see how great you are, than by seeing a load of 5 star reviews!

Rather than spending his time installing windows and doors, Mr Lepp seems more intent on reporting any reviews that paint him in a less than glowing light. Where he can't get them removed he arrogantly dismisses them, and blames the customer - sometimes even accusing tem of bribary!  It would be laughable if it wasn't so serious.

Some remain on, so here is a selection from a variety of sites.  See if you can spot the pattern here:

Of course, not all of the reviews are bad.  Far from it.  There are lots of glowing recommendations about the work and, in particular what a great, and trustworthy guy John Lepp is.  For those in the cheap seats that would be Convicted Fraudster, John Lepp.

Now here is a fantastic review about a beautiful conservatory that was installed by Sage.  The reviewer who, the quick amongst you will notice is the only one who's name I haven't redacted, even shows us what this marvel in glass looks like

Our old friend Tineye tells us this imsage was online in 2013, so is highly unlikely to be a conservatory installed by Sage within the last year.

I will leave you, dear readers, to decide which of the remaining 5 star reviews are real, and which are equine faeces. 

Equine faeces, by the way, is something that John Lepp should know all about, given that he lists his business address as an empty storage unit in an equine centre (see In the Press)

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