Images of their Work

Images of their Work (?)

In common with many companies, the Sage Windows and Doors website is a showcase of the many fantastic pieces of work they have carried out over the past 30 years.....ha ha ha ha...sorry...that's quite comical.

But are the pictures in their website gallery examples of their work?  Well, what do you think?

It takes just a couple of minutes and, for Mr Lepp's benefit, the use of a little website called Tineye REVERSE IMAGE SEARCH to check their validity.  Some of these images first appeared online on other companies websites as long ago as 2010.  Have a couple of examples:  

On the left is a lovely conservatory from the Sage website.  On the right here are the results to show it was an image from another company's website from April 2014

The gorgeous garden room in Winchester on the right was first uploaded to another companies website in December 2013

I could go on, but I'm bored now

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